• Filmmaking Fundamentals

• Video Camera Fundamentals

• Cinematography

• Lighting for Film and Video

• Vocabulary of Film

• Critiques for Film & Design

• On-set Etiquette & Productivity

• Greenscreen Fundamentals


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Tom delivers dynamic and informative classes and workshops. With his background in filmmaking, fine arts and commercial advertising, he can bring a broad perspective to each group of students. His style is challenging intellectually and packed with information. But the style is informal, fun and respectful of diversity. He is comfortable with students of all ages.

Tom is formerly the Consulting Director of Filmmaking at Boston University's Center for Digital Imaging Arts. He has also taught at the Maine International Film and Television Workshops (theworkshops.com), and at the MassArt Continue Ed Program.

Email or call for availability for seminars, workshops or customized courses.